RSA Casa della Serenità

A music cart, a full sensory experience, donated to the Rest Home “Casa della Serenità”

Music is magic, especially at Christmas time. During the winter holidays, Forni Industriali Bendotti donated to the Rest Home “Casa della Serenità” in Lovere a music cart for a full sensory experience. This will contribute to greatly stimulate and relax the elderly, included those force to bed, as it can be moved from one room to another.

It is device with ten headphones to listen to music, relaxing colorful lights and musical instruments to stimulate guests’ cognitive skills.

With this donation, FIB reaffirmed its care for the local community, as expressed by CEO Michele Bendotti: «Since long ago we have been doing our best to support local organizations and “Casa della Serenità” represents a benchmark and one of the main institutions of our territory. It hosts 110 elderly people aged averagely 89: this is the proof of how grandparents enjoy their stay there and of the great work of 150 people employed there».

Author: bendotti